Being a parent can be tough, but being a foster parent can be even harder. Creating a bond, making sure all kids needs are met and trying to provide love to a child that has no relation to you can be one of the most difficult jobs someone can have. Let alone doing this for not 1, not 2 but 600 kids? Yeah, this is an amazing accomplishment.

Linda Herring is 75-years-old from Johnson County, Iowa and has a pretty big heart. According to the Good News Network, Linda recently got honored by Johnson County Officials this week for fostering 600 kids for the past 5 decades! This is an incredibly loving woman.

Linda started fostering kids in the 70's and she was known as a woman who wouldn't turn a kid away no matter what.... not even medical issues. At the time that Linda started fostering kids, she was not just a foster mom but also ran a home daycare, worked as a high school night custodian and was a volunteer first responder. According to Johnson County officials, Linda made sure all their needs were met and even kept bins of clothes for different sizes and genders to make sure all were taken care of.

Linda recently announced her retirement from foster care back in October due to health issues but that's not to say her legacy won't live on. Five of her biological kids and three grandchildren have carried on this legacy of foster parents.

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