1/19/2004: The ‘Dean Scream’
After a third place finish at the Iowa Caucuses (behind John Kerry and John Edwards) Vermont Governor Howard Dean delivered a fired-up speech to the audience at the Val-Air Ballroom in Des Moines.
Just imagine if this had occurred AFTER the creation of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube...
9 Things Iowans Will Splurge On After COVID
According to a study from LendingTree most Americans are planning to splurge on something once the pandemic is over, and when the majority of the population get vaccinated. Eight out of ten Americans who say they'll get vaccinated also claim they are planning a "celebratory splurge" s…
12 Weird Iowa Laws
I don't know about you, but sometimes when I'm going about my daily life I worry that I'm doing something wrong or breaking the law.

Oh, is that just me? Well, I like to look up the local laws in a state to make sure everything is alright on my end, if you know what I'm saying.…

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