Well, here's something you don't hear about very often...

The woman was stuck in a tiny space between the walls --- just eight inches wide.

I have a few questions:

1.) Did she fall into the eight-inch space from the rooftops?
*I would say that's highly unlikely -- how would she fall that far down to almost ground level?

2.) If she didn't fall into the tiny opening, how did she become upside down?

3.) Where was her clothing? 

Police were called to the area around 2 PM after workers at a nearby business heard the woman screaming for help but they couldn’t figure out where the sounds were coming from.

Firefighters couldn’t get to the woman, and she couldn’t get out, so they came up with a plan to cut the wall open and get her out.

More than two hours later, the firefighters were finally able to get the woman out after cutting a chunk of concrete out of the wall.

The Police Captain confirmed that the woman was naked and that she was upside down. It’s still unclear how the woman got trapped between the two walls.


I sure hope there is an update to this story. Inquiring minds want answers. We know the ending, but I wanna know how this "Choose Your Own Adventure" began.


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