Living in the landlocked Midwest, one thing we don't ever have to worry about is being attacked by a shark. Despite that fact, I grew up being fascinated and terrified of the animals at the same time. Perhaps it was the movie Jaws that did it to me and so many others. But I haven't let that fear stop me from swimming in both oceans during vacations in my lifetime. But one Iowa woman recently did live out her worst fear. Being attacked by a shark while scuba diving.

KCCI reports that Heidi Ernst from Marshalltown, Iowa was scuba diving in the Bahamas on June 7th. She had just completed a dive and was reportedly getting back onto the boat when the shark attacked. The crew on the boat did first aid and Ernst was eventually transported to a hospital in Miami. KCCI reports that due to the severity of the wound and the potential for infection, Ernst's leg was amputated. She remains in a Florida hospital awaiting her fourth surgery.

Scuba diving is nothing new to Ernst. KCCI reports that she is an experienced diver, having completed her 500th dive earlier this year. She told KCCI that she has never feared sharks before.

They typically just come and swim around us. No threatening behaviors, no aggressive behaviors.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Ernst to help pay for the medical expenses she has incurred since the violent attack. Ernst told KCCI that she is thankful for all the support. She hopes to be back home in Iowa by the end of the week.

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