It's a shame that in today's society, a simple act of kindness and sportsmanship turns so many heads. But in the ultra-competitive world of sports, many times we're taught not to have compassion for the team on the opposite sideline. But several weeks ago on a high school football field here in the state of Iowa, a simple act of sportsmanship occurred between two rival players, and the rest of the nation is taking notice.

In the week two matchup between Charles City and New Hampton, Carter Steinlage of New Hampton went down with a severe cramp in his right leg. Ask any athlete about cramps, and they'll tell you they are nasty painful affairs. So when Mario Hoefer from Charles City saw an opposing player down in pain, he did something unexpected. As the Globe Gazette reports, instead of running back to his own sideline and waiting for trainers to arrive, Hoefer helped a rival. Locked in a tight, one-score game, he helped Steinlage work through the cramps until the medical staff could arrive. Why did he do it? As Hoefer put it, "I'm not just about to leave him there...I know how it feels especially when nobody's stretching you out".

Well, it turned out that a parent from Charles City snapped a picture, and shared it with WHO-TV, who shared it on their Facebook page. And that is how a viral post gets started. Globe Gazette reports that the picture was shared on ESPN's 'SportsCenter', and also on the Today show on NBC. Now, the two players will reunite for an interview this morning on ABC's Good Morning America. All because of sportsmanship, and another strong dose of 'Iowa Nice'.

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