Two extremely small schools in Nebraska -- Arthur County High School and Sumner-Eddyville-Miller High School – demolished a scoring record on the football field last Friday. The two schools play six-player football and scored a combined 181 points.

The old record was set in 1996 with a combined score of 158 points.

Regardless of the number of players on the field, the game is still tied for the 14th highest-scoring game in history across all forms of football —— from 11-man to 8-man to 6-man. It is also the highest-scoring football game since 1927. (That game was a bit wild – Haven, Kansas defeated Sylvia, Kansas 256-0. Ouch)

Prior to 1931, 100-point games were almost a weekly occurrence. In fact, on Oct. 4, 1924, a total of games took place. Yikes.

If you thought the 101-80 final score is a bit crazy, wait ‘til you take a look at the stats.

Arthur County rolled up 607 yards of total offense while S-E-M had 508. The Wolves’ quarterback threw for 358 yards and six touchdowns while the Mustangs’ QB completed 14 passes for 375 yards and seven touchdowns.

The Rules for Six-Player Football:

  • While a standard football field is just over 50 yards wide by 100 yards long, a six-man field is 40 yards wide and 80 yards long.
  • Every player on the field is eligible to catch a pass.
  • Quarterbacks are not eligible to run the ball right away. There must be two ball exchanges before a running play can cross the line of scrimmage. The center snap counts as the first exchange, but the quarterback must hand the ball off or throw. He is eligible to run the ball if it is pitched back to him. He is also eligible to catch the ball at that point.
  • First downs are 15 yards, not 10.
  • A PAT is worth two points while a “two-point conversion” is worth one.

Arthur County, Nebraska, has a total population of 427 and is the fifth-smallest populous county in the entire United States.

Sumner, Eddyville, and Miller are three separate towns that makeup one high school. Sumner, Neb. has a total population of 223, Eddyville has a total population of 97 and Miller has a total population of 135.

If this game of six-on-six intrigues you, you can watch a replay of the game HERE. complete with younger kids playing their own version of football in the background.

According to the Iowa High School Athletic Association, St. Mary's, Remsen's 108-94 semi-finals win over Montezuma in November 2020 set a record for the highest combined total points in Iowa high school football history at 202.

SEM Mustangs via YouTube
SEM Mustangs via YouTube



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