When you're in high school you're usually on a budget. You don't always have extra cash around to put toward things like monthly gym memberships without your parents. Well, don't sweat it, because this summer a popular national gym chain is offering FREE memberships.

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According to KCRG, Planet Fitness is offering FREE workouts to high schoolers. Beginning May 16 through August 31, high school students ages 14-19 can sign up for the High School Summer Pass which is basically free membership to the gym all summer.

The High School Summer Pass was started as part of an initiative to keep teens healthy and active after school sports programs and activities wind down. A study showed that "less than 15 percent of teens met the 60-minute daily physical activity recommendation during the pandemic," despite the fact that "93 percent want to stay healthy and active." The issue is a lack of motivation and access. That's where the HIgh School Summer Pass comes in.

Not only do teens get to work out for free all summer long, but all those who sign up for the program are entered into the sweepstakes to win scholarships. One participant from each state will win a $500 scholarship and be entered to win a grand prize of a $5,000 scholarship at the end of the summer to be used for academic or athletic activities and programs. Nice!

Our study found that nearly all (92%) high school students agreed that when they are regularly physically active, they feel much better mentally. Fitness is about feeling good, too, and our hope is that High School Summer Pass empowers teens to create life-long workout habits to help them succeed in every aspect of their lives.”-Chris Rondeau, chief executive officer at Planet Fitness

Physical activity isn't just good for the body, it's good for the mind too. There are two Planet Fitness locations in the Cedar Rapids area, as well as one in Iowa City. Find the one nearest to you, get signed up, and improve your overall health.

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