I'm sure if you asked Jordan Bohannon which event he'd rather play in this week, he'd have chosen the Final Four in New Orleans. But you can't put a price tag on having one more winning highlight while wearing the black and gold.

Putting on his gold Iowa jersey for one final time, Jordan Bohannon took part in the 33rd annual College Slam Dunk and 3 Point Championship last night at Xavier University, according to KCCI. I'll let you all guess which contest he took part in. Bohannon shot his way to the final round of the contest, where a familiar rival stood in his way. Brad Davidson of Wisconsin. But this border war was never in question.

Bohannon beat Davidson in the finals 18 to 17 to win the crown as the top three-point shooter in college basketball. It was only fitting that Bohannon leave his college playing days with one more three-point title to his name. He is already the career Big Ten leader in three's and the all-time Iowa leader in three-point shots. Plus, he gets to wear some nice hardware around the Iowa campus!

Bohannon isn't the only Hawkeye to ever win the three-point shooting contest. As he quickly pointed out, the last time an Iowa player took part in the shootout was 2017. That player was Peter Jok, who also took home the title that night!

Congratulations to Jordan Bohannon, an all-time great Hawkeye!


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