I can vividly remember studying for my ACT college entrance exams. At least when I was in high school, they were one of the most important factors that determined whether you got into the college you wanted. Score too low, and your choices were few. But get a certain number or above, and you could nearly name your school! I studied hard and even did practice exams leading up to the big day. My score? 24.

While I was happy getting that score, there is another category of students that strive for the best. Sometimes, even perfection. That is what happened to Ankeny high school student Sydney Madetzke. KCCI reports that the high school junior was stressing out waiting for the results of her ACT test. It turns out that she had little to worry about. No college will be turning her away. She aced it. A perfect score of 36! Madetzke told KCCI about the exciting moment she found out!

I opened it in the middle of French class, so I was like almost hyperventalating in the middle of class because it was so exciting.

Madetzke has a right to be excited about her score. Just how rare is it for a student to ace the ACT test? KCCI reports that less than one-half of 1% of students who take the test earn the top score! So what does Madetzke plan on studying in college? How about chemical engineering. Sounds easy, at least for someone who just aced their ACT! Congratulations Sydney and best of luck in college!



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