Here's What's Poppin' In Waterloo Closed For 2 Weeks

One of the major side effects of the pandemic has been employment. A large portion of the United States workforce faced severe unemployment for months. Now, that the vaccine is rolling out and people are starting to return to their normal routines many businesses are struggling to keep up.

One of Waterloo's most popular stops is temporarily closed due to staffing issues.

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One of the perks of working in Downtown Waterloo is being able to drop by some of the local shops and restaurants during lunch breaks. When I went to drop by the popular popcorn shop Here's What's Poppin' I noticed that the open sign was not lit. The store was closed. The very next day I dropped by to see if it was just a one-day fluke, but it wasn't.

The store was still closed. 


It didn't take long to figure out the reason behind this. The business released a statement on their Facebook.

"Like so many other businesses in the Cedar Valley, we are short staffed. To prevent burn out on my existing dedicated employees, I have decided to close our Waterloo store till May 29th."

The Waterloo shop will be closed until May 29th due to staffing issues. Many other restaurants in the Cedar Valley are facing similar issues. The Brass Tap was closed for several days for this very same issue.

If you still need your fill of popcorn just head over to Cedar Falls. Luckily, the location on Main Street in Cedar Falls will remain open during this time.

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