There are a lot of gas station choices in the Quad Cities.  Seems like on every corner we have one.  In some cases, new ones are popping up.

Convenience is good for consumers.  Competition can be good for consumers as well to help lower prices.  However, an oversaturation can eventually hurt some businesses forcing them to close.  That is what is happening right now in Iowa.

Your Favorite Gas Station

Koehler Urges Higher Gas Prices
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There are a lot of choices around the Quad Cities.  Some people just go to the one that is close when they need gas.  Some go to an exact one every time.  Some have a favorite brand.

In a recent survey, Kwik Star took the title of the king of gas stations in the Midwest.  It's quickly become a favorite of the Quad Cities.

Casey's is another popular place for gas and of course their pizza.

Plus Hy-Vee is rapidly expanding its gas station presence with the "Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh" gas station/grocery store locations.

What About The One With The Dinosaur?

The Sinclair brand has been around since 1916.  The green dinosaur doesn't have the same large shopping inside as its competition.  It's a standard gas station with some quick items that you might need to grab while on your way.

Now, many of the locations around the Quad Cities appear to be closing.

According to John Blunk on Facebook:

BREW/Sinclair employees tell JB that the company is closing the nine Davenport locations because of financial difficulties. “It is what it is,” said one disappointed clerk with 19 years in the convenience store business. They were previously Kwik Shops and had been purchased by Brew Oil of Spencer, Iowa.

If one is still open near you, check it out.  You might be able to get some good deals while they last.  But what will happen with the locations closing?  Somebody already has it figured out below.

Our friends at Quad City Memes have it already figured out.  Just in time for spooky season.


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