Buffalo Bill’s home from Silence of the Lambs has hit the market for the low price of just one (1) lotion in a basket.

Ok, not really. The asking price is just under $300,000. It's located at 8 Circle Street, in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, just an hour from Pittsburgh.

While the home does not feature a giant pit, it DOES have a cold cellar section which did appear in the film.

According to Yahoo, the home has four bedrooms, several reception rooms on the ground floor – most of which were used as sets in the 1991 movie – and a kitchen diner, which was also featured on screen.

If you look closely at the photos (below), you can see that the TV is playing 'Silence of the Lambs' while the bathroom does indeed have a basket...with lotion.

The listing on Zillow says that the home was built in 1910, has over 2300 square feet of living space, and sits on over 1.75 acres of land -- plenty of space to built a pit or two.

According to Yahoo, after the home failed to sell in 2016, the owners dropped the price to $250,000 and animal rights group PETA offered to buy it and turn it into a 'museum,’ where people could wear the skins of abused animals. The sale was never made.

Buffalo Bill's Home

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