An Iowa woman who hit it big playing the Iowa Lottery's Powerball game knows exactly where her prize money is going. It will help rebuild her home.

Tammy Gordy and her husband Steve are from Ottumwa, Iowa. The Iowa Lottery reports that the couple lived in Agency, Iowa when the community was hit by a tornado. The Gordy's home was completely destroyed. After years of living in a rental, the couple had begun the process of building a new home. Thanks to a winning Powerball ticket, the couple now has some extra money to make that new home a reality!

Tammy told the Iowa Lottery that she realized she hit it big when she used the Iowa Lottery's mobile app to check some lottery tickets that she had in her purse. She said that she nearly fell into a chair when the Powerball ticket she scanned showed that she had just won $2 million! The Iowa Lottery says that Tammy's ticket had matched the first five numbers but missed the Powerball to win a prize of $1 million. But because Tammy added the Power Play option, her prize doubled to $2 million!

Steve Gordy told the Iowa Lottery that his wife was making sounds that "weren't in English," and that it took them a bit to get their senses back. The Iowa Lottery reports that Tammy says family is the most important thing to them, and the money will allow them to do more things with loved ones. But you better believe that house is getting some upgrades too! Tammy says she's thinking about some new items like a walk-in closet and a hot tub!

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