Florida man is accused of wandering around a motel -- naked -- and identifying himself as 'Batman.'

Apparently Batman’s real name is Chris Jackson and he’s 49 and lives in Englewood, Florida ---- not Bruce Wayne who lives in a Batcave.

According to WINK, deputies responded to a call from the motel after the manager reported a naked man had tried to enter his room.

When authorities arrived, the man claimed to have a room at the motel and had accidentally locked himself, but he was lying.

Every time the deputy asked for his name, he replied with ‘I’m Batman.”

Video footage showed Batman climbing through the guardrail around the building. He then went to the third floor and stripped off his clothing. He then began going door to door, attempting to get in.

Police discovered a glass pipe in his clothing. Oh no, Batman’s hooked on Batcrack?

Officials later learned that Batman had a warrant out for a larceny charge.

The 49-year-old was charged with loitering and exposure of his Bat Genitals.

batman mug shot

Credit: Crawford County Sheriff’s Office

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