Man is Mobbed by Horde of Hungry Raccoons (VIDEO)
Where: Canada
When: A Chilly November Night
Who: A Retired Canadian Mounted Police Constable
What: Feeding 30 Hungry Raccoons
Why: Why Not?
James Blackwood is known 'The Raccoon Whisperer.' He resides on the east coast of Canada in the Province of Nova Scotia...
Man Gets Knocked Out By a Cat (VIDEO)
There's so many strange things are going on in this video. You'll have to watch it numerous times just to enable your brain to take it all in.
A cat falls from who-knows-where, lands on a man's head, which immediately knocks him unconscious...
Drunkest Man Ever Tries to Buy More Beer
Not much is known about this man or the location of where it was filmed. All we know is that on October 6, 2009, at 10:47 AM, a man entered a convenience store and he was waaaaaay too drunk to be getting more beer, but that didn't stop him from trying...

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