How Florida Man Opens a Beer Can (VIDEO)
How to open a can of beer in Florida:
1.) Get in a boat
2.) Find Alligator
3.) Agitate the reptile.
4.) Pierce beer can with Alligator's teeth
5.) Chug the beer.
6.) Laugh
Any questions?
Last week a 32-year-old Florida Man was arrested after police witnessed him attempting to throw an alligator onto th…
Florida Crosswalk Misspells SCHOOL….Again!
Sigh. It has happened again -- and incorrectly spelled the same way.
On April 18, 2019, in the city of Doral, the road crew got an 'F" in spelling when the crosswalk was painted with SCOHOL. 
Fast forward to almost EXACTLY two years later on April 26, 2021, and about 200 miles north to Orange Cou…
Turtle Smashes Through Windshield and Survives (Photos)
A woman and her 71-year-old mother were driving down an interstate in Florida when something came crashing through the passenger side window of the car, hitting the mother in the head, and sending her to the hospital.
The object that smashed through the windshield…was a turtle...
FOR SALE: A Castle in Florida
A Florida man has created a replica of an Irish Castle.
He told the Palm Beach Post that he saw a photo of Lohort Castle in a library and he thought, “Hey, I can build that.” So, he did --- and it took him over 30 years.
The castle sits on five acres along the Wellington En…
Alligator Steals Florida Man’s Golf Ball (VIDEO)
A Florida golfer had to bypass the "play it as it lies" rule when an alligator took his ball and swam away.
Marc Goldstein was playing a round at the Pelican Sound Golf Club in Estero when a nasty slice sent his ball near a pond.
He couldn’t believe what he saw and he knew no one would belie…
Florida Man Turns His Uncle’s Skeleton Into a Guitar
He calls it a "Skelecaster." It's part Fender Telecast and part Human Skeleton. 
A Florida musician who goes by the name Prince Midnight told The Huffington Post that his uncle died in a motorcycle accident in Greece in 1996 at the age of 28, and his skeleton was dona…
Florida Issues “Falling Iguana Warning”
The National Weather Service in Miami issued an unofficial warning earlier this week for possible "falling iguanas" thanks to Florida's cold spell.
Iguanas will climb up trees at night to rest. They are cold-blooded and when temperatures fall into the 40s, they can stiffen up a…

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