Some of my family's favorite memories were made on Halloween. I'm guessing you and your family have a lot of fond recollections as well.  Everything from decorating the yard, to finding costumes, trick-or-treating, and having parties. It's one of the most fun and spookiest times of the year!

The different holidays bring out the best traditions for family and friends alike. That had me wondering about other families' Halloween traditions. I've compiled a list of some of my family's favorite things to do during the "howling season". (see the list and photos below)

There are many "stages" of fun leading up to Halloween

After the yard and inside of the house are decorated, the next natural step is a trip to the pumpkin patch, followed by pumpkin carving. When the kids were little, we always had to hit a couple of the local "trunk-or-treats". Then we always slip in a trip to nearby Eagle Lake to support the Waterhawks ski team with their "haunted hayride".

Once Halloween arrives its followed by a busy day of getting ready for our family party. Dumping all the candy into a big dish for the trick-or-treaters, and preparing "goodie bags' for the extra special beggars that come calling.

Side note: if we really like a certain kid's costume they get a "goodie bag", and if there's a kid that just not trying (or teenagers with no costumes on) they get "DOTS", quite possibly the worst candy ever made.

Anyway, then it's time to "hit the streets" with the kids, in the good ole days (before COVID-19) we would pile as many people as we could into our mini-van and go looking for streets with a bunch of porch lights on. Of course, if you're really good, you know all the houses that hand out full-size candy bars and avoid the houses that hand out pennies or pencils.

When the kids and parents are finally worn out, then it's time to come back and enjoy a fire in the fireplace, usually the first one of the season. While the kids are checking out their loot, the parents find an "adult beverage" because, after all that...we deserve it!

If you're wondering about how you should dress up, check out the Top 10 Halloween costume ideas inspired by the Cedar Valley, and then, for fun, you can drive around check out all the cool neighborhood displays.

But first, we want to know, what are your favorite Halloween family traditions? Do they match some of mine below? (keep scrolling) Let us know on this station's Facebook page.

What Are Your Favorite Halloween Family Traditions?

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