Two Major League baseball clubs will descend on the iconic Dyersville diamond known to movie and baseball fans as The Field of Dreams as planned on August 13,2020 according to the Des Moines Register. However, it will not be the same two teams. Originally, the game was suppose to feature two American League teams: the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees. There's a reason the White Sox almost have to be in the game, but more on that in a moment. The new match-up will pit the White Sox (as planned) and the St. Louis Cardinals, this according to Chicago baseball reporter Bruce Levine.

So why do the White Sox really have to be involved? In the 1989 baseball classic flick 'Field of Dreams', which stared Kevin Costner, the ghost of White Sox outfielder Shoeless Joe Jackson (Ray Liotta) plays a key role. In real life, Jackson was banned from baseball for throwing the World Series in 1919, appears and plays a large role in the film. In that 1919 World Series, the Cincinnati Reds were victorious leading some to wonder why they were not the team the White Sox will play in August.

As for the reason they cannot play the Yankees now, with the COVID-19 pandemic limiting the regular-season schedule to 60 games and all teams being forced to face only divisional opponents, a White Sox and Yankees match-up was no longer going to be possible. The Cardinals are in the National League Central division. The White Sox, the American League Central. As for the Reds? Also the NL Central... The New York Yankees are in the AL East. There's no word on how many fans will be allowed into the special 8,000-seat setup is being created specially to host the game.

The good news: Iowa still gets its first ever Major League Baseball game! Perhaps this will become a yearly tradition? We can only hope.

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