After a terrifying couple of months, one Iowa family is opening up their home to two MORE Ukrainian children.

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It's been a long few months for one Hiawatha family. We told you a few weeks ago about a family right here in Iowa that was in the midst of adopting a Ukrainian boy when Russia invaded.

The Breckenridges have a rapidly growing family in Hiawatha. Last year, Jenna and Scott Breckenridge adopted three Ukrainian boys and were in the midst of going through the process to bring home another young man when the chaos in Ukraine unfolded.

Jenna Breckenridge
Jenna Breckenridge

15-year-old Artem was in an orphanage in Berdyansk when the conflict broke out. Jenna got word from the adoption agency that Artem was in a bomb shelter in the city. The worried mother lost contact with him the very next day.

The family was expecting the worst...

On March 18th, the family's fears were put to rest and their prayers were answered.

Jenna made a Facebook post nearly two weeks after she lost contact with Artem,  expressing her gratitude that he was alive and safe. The mother explained that the orphanage was evacuated and he is currently in Italy.

Safe and sound...

"Artem is out of Ukraine!
Thank you, Jesus! ♥️"

In a follow-up post, Jenna shared text message interactions between herself and Artem. From the looks of the texts, it sounds like everyone is just counting down the days until they can be together.

"Hello! I'm alive! I love you so much and you have no idea how much I miss you!"

While it's been a tough road for this family, it looks like there are a few new additions that are joining the Breckenridge crew. Two children are now being welcomed into the Breckenridge family.

Hardin, a young Ukrainian boy, arrived in America in early March. The family adopted him and they claim that he is adapting very well to his new life, according to a report from KWWL.

Just a few weeks later ANOTHER addition was made to the family! On April 1st, Jenna Breckenridge became a mother of NINE when Kate came into their lives. This Iowa woman posted photos with her only daughter at the begining of the month.

In the social media post she wrote,

"I’m officially no longer the only girl in our family.
Everyone, meet Kate."

Less than a week after being in a new home, Jenna even shared on her Facebook page that the young woman already got a job!

The Iowa woman shared that they are still waiting on Artem to come to the United States. His adopted parents are being told that he probably won't be making his way out to America until AFTER the war is over, according to a report from KWWL.

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