The world has been watching the conflict that has been happening in Ukraine with Russia for a while now, especially after Russia invaded in February.

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For some, they have been dealing with and feeling the effects of the conflict for years. That’s the case for Wilson Orchard & Farmworker Yuriy God.

According to an article in KCCI, God has worked for Wilson Orchard & Farm in Iowa City for six years and throughout that time he would send money and supplies back to his family in Ukraine.

Even before God came to the United States six years ago, tensions between the two countries were high. And he isn’t alone. God also works alongside three other men from Ukraine. Paul Rasch, the co-owner of the farm considers the men a part of his family.

Together with them we’ve tried to work out as best we can how to keep their families safe, how to keep their communication with their families. It’s just an ongoing thing

What means the most to God is that people are acknowledging how hard the war is for him and the others.

And people in Iowa have been supporting Ukraine.

Back in March in Hardin County, around 100 people gathered in solidarity with Ukrainian refugees. The gathering was held in the town of Hubbard. People gathered at the South Hardin middle school for a candlelight vigil, music, prayers, and a moment of silence. Nineteen farmers in the area brought their tractors to the event. These tractors were then arranged into a peace sign.

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