It appears as if Iowa is at the forefront when it comes to showing support for Ukraine, in their ongoing war with Russia. Whether it be help from celebrities, money assistance from airbnbs, drinks being sold to benefit in their efforts, or unifying and showing support for their country, Iowa is continuing to do its part to help with the Ukrainian war efforts.

Yesterday Governor Kim Reynolds with the help of law enforcement officials sent hundreds of helmets and vests to Ukraine. 146 Helmets and 714 ballistic vests were sent and Reynolds spoke about Iowa's commitment to helping Ukrainians more.

“This has been an incredible team effort from the start and I’m proud to say that help is on the way for Ukraine from Iowa.”

Steven Bayens is the DPS (Department of Public Safety) Commissioner and he said

"it's a small gesture but even if this equipment saves one life, protects one family, gives the Ukrainian people and measure of hope it was worth every effort" according to cbs2iowa

Future plans also include meals being sent to Ukrainians very soon. Iowans will be able to help in these efforts, with plans being released on how within weeks. Reynolds also spoke on Iowa will be an open state to Ukrainian refugees.

"We have sent a letter to the administration to let them know that Iowa stands ready to help receive Ukrainian refugees.”

There are ways in which you can help the Ukrainian efforts today. There is a fundraiser started by which has been created to help cover costs of shipping materials as well as additional supplies.


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