It's a true Iowa classic, a tasty tender fried pork tenderloin sandwich. If you grew up in our fine state, your mom, more than likely, made her own version of this famous sandwich.

I mean they're not hard to make, just whisk up some egg wash, dip the meat in some breading (maybe throw in some of your favorites spices) and throw it in the frying pan till it gets golden brown. Add some ketchup and mustard, then pile on the onions, pickles, tomatoes and, I even like to get a little crazy, and add jalapenos. Iowan's sure love their tenderloins.

Before we get into the top 5, we'll start with an "Honorable Mention" and a "shout out" to the Jesup Boy Scout Troop 95 Food Booth, they got a lot of "love" on our station FB page. One poster, Michael Benson said they're "the best hidden tenderloins in Iowa". Christa Leach added: "For restaurant quality without the restaurant, hands down I would say the Jesup Boy Scout Food Booth! Thick, juicy, flavorful and filling. You would not walk away hungry for sure!" You can try them for yourself at their next event, Saturday, August 22nd in the park in Jesup.

Let's explore the Cedar Valley/NE's Iowa's Top 5 Tenderloins:

The Cedar Valley/Northeast Iowa's Top 5 Tenderloins

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