Isn't spring and summer time great? The warmer weather and sunshine means it's time for local Farmers Markets. Visiting the local farmers market is just one of many things we missed over the past year, due to the pandemic. Now, we can make up for lost time!

Buy Fresh - Buy Local

Between many people getting vaccinated and with loosening restrictions, we're able to get outside and support our friends and neighbors. I can't wait to get some fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables on the table. It's just something about them being fresh out of the garden, you can taste the difference. Am I right?

Chances are you'll find more than just fresh produce

The majority of vendors offer fresh produce, plants, and baked goods. However, many times you'll find jewelry, arts and crafts, honey and soaps and personal care products, and more. Of course, many of those items will be hand-made or locally-produced by the vendors themselves.

Friendly reminders for when you're attending local farmers markets

Even though you're outside, you might not be able to maintain social distancing, so be courteous and wear a mask. If possible, send only one member of the family to shop. Do not bring pets, crowds and pets usually don't mix. Plus, any of the food you purchase, as hungry as it's making you, don't eat it on the premises, take it home and enjoy!

Scroll down for our list of area Farmers Markets

If we missed any, let us know. Send us a message on our station app or on this station's Facebook page.

Farmers Markets in the Cedar Valley & NE Iowa - List

There's a Farmers Market in Waterloo, Cedar Falls or in the surrounding area almost every day of the week! Check 'em out and support your friends and neighbors. Buy Fresh - Buy Local

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