I used my one and only coffee story in an article, in an article yesterday. Poor timing on my part.

I'll wrap it up quickly -- I don't really drink coffee. I've looked into "healthy alternatives" for energy purposes, but the closest thing I'll drink is low-sugar energy drinks. I don't like putting that stuff in my body, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

HOWEVER, having been a college student at one point in time, I did spend quite a bit of time in coffee shops -- specifically some of the ones below.

And while I haven't had much of their coffee, I can tell you the vibes, along with the hot chocolate, are immaculate. Yelp.com fills in the for my lack of coffee taste and experience check out what patrons call some of the best places in the Cedar Valley to stop and grab a hot cup.

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Though I'm not much of a coffee drinker some of my best memories from college were had in coffee shops. I don't know how many first dates, study gatherings, conversations, and get-togethers with friends I had at Sidecar on The Hill.

The church community I was part of, along with several others like SALT, Chai-Alpha, and The Navigators regularly spent time and had meetings of different varieties there.

Sidecar has kind of become notorious for it.

To illustrate my point, in my junior year of college, I stopped there with one of my friends and favorite people from church, Ben. We walked there together from campus, and for some reason, we turned a bit earlier than I would have thought. Not understanding, but knowing that Ben was a regular at Sidecar, I followed along.

We went in the backdoor, of which I had no idea existed. Upon my telling my dear friend of the fact that I was unaware of said backdoor, his response was "Are you even Christian?"

For those who know Ben, they would not be surprised by his response at all. Ben is a goober.

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