It seems like everybody is winning the lottery except you, huh?

That's how I feel, and I haven't even purchased a ticket. I've never done it a single time in my life. It's probably safe to say that people who do win that they've purchased a ticket more than once or twice in their lives.

If you'd like to ask someone who has had the experience of winning the lottery, you don't have to go far.

Yet another person has won the lottery in the Cedar Valley after two Cedar Falls women took home a hefty prize and decided to split the amount earlier this week. Sandy Crow of Evansdale is taking home $30,000 after winning the fourth top prize on the Iowa Lottery's 'Candy Cane Crossword' scratch game.

Crow purchased her winning ticket at the Kwikstar at 324 Fletcher Avenue in Waterloo, and she took home her prize on Monday of this week at the Iowa Lottery's regional office located in Cedar Rapids.

The Christmas-Themed ticket's prizes go from $30,000 to $3. The odds of Sandy winning the $30,000 grand prize were 1 in 118,500 according to the Iowa Lottery website.

This is how the site explains the game: "Scratch the "Your Letters" and "Bonus Letters"; then scratch the corresponding letters found in the "Crossword" puzzle and the Bonus Word. If you have scratched at least 3 complete words in the Crossword puzzle, you win the corresponding prize found in the "Prize Legend." Bonus Word: Uncover all 5 letters in the Bonus Word by scratching the letters that match the "Your Letters" and win the prize shown in the Bonus Word Prize box. The Bonus Word is played separately from the Crossword Puzzle and cannot be combined with words on the Crossword Puzzle to win a prize."

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