Like everywhere else in this country, there are some pretty wild crimes that happen from time to time, and headlines that definitely grab your attention.

In regards to the articles I've put together as of late, there are a few that stand out among the rest when it comes to crime in the Hawkeye State. In recent memory, Iowa 13-Year-Old Being Charged with Threat of TerrorismDrunk Iowa Man Bites Police Officer Trying to Help HimIowa Man Stabs Cat, "God Told Me To Do it", and Iowa Man Attempts to Burn House Down With His Mother Inside may be the ones that take the cake.

As of today, Tuesday, October 4, we've got another one to add to the list.

According to KWWL, a Waterloo man is being charged with willful injury and aggravated assault after he stabbed his mother in the face last weekend.

Waterloo law enforcement told the news station that the "stabbing happened sometime Saturday morning on 6152 Stardust Drive." They added that the perpetrator of the crime, 29-year-old Arnel Dizdarevic "stabbed his mother multiple times before leaving the residence."

The Waterloo Courier says that he stabbed his mother in the face and "is being held without bond pending a hearing." The paper continues, saying that Dizdarevic "was awaiting trial for a 2021 incident in which he is accused of hitting her repeatedly."

Following the weekend's stabbing, his mother was taken to Allen Hospital where she is expected to make a full recovery.

On July 5 of 2021, authorities were called to an apartment he and his mother shared on Shamrock Drive where he told the police he "beat the s***" out of her. He was arrested for misdemeanor domestic assault causing injury.

The Courier adds the following regarding Dizdarevic's criminal record: "He allegedly missed a court date in October 2021 and remained at large until September when police found him at a Stardust Drive apartment where his mother had been staying.

He was sentenced to time served for violating the restraining order and released pending the assault trial. But he then allegedly missed a Sept. 29 court date, and another warrant was issued for his arrest, according to court records.

Then two days later – around 7 a.m. Saturday – police and paramedics were called to a Camelot Drive apartment and found the mother with numerous stab wounds to the face."

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