Hundreds of people looking to take an Independence Day dip in the pool at their local city pool were disappointed to find out that the pool would not be open for America's Birthday.

The city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire announced the pool was closed due to "apparent acts of vandalism" overnight. According to Police Sergeant Nick Small, that "act of vandalism" included some items that were knocked over around the pool area and one poo in the pool.

So far, no reports have confirmed if the damage in question was a sinker or a floater.

Water lighting background in the pool. Abstract background concept

Todd Henley, the Portsmouth recreation director, said the pool's water must be "shocked and treated" because it's definitely a safety issue. He said the pool would reopen on Tuesday.

Henley also said that while there were some items knocked over around the pool, there was no major property damage.

Sergeant Small said it's a "trespassing issue," and police are investigating.

There was no time to make the water safe for use Monday.

Henley said it's disappointing that this happened before such a busy day, with 400-500 swimmers expected to stop by the school in sunny weather with temperatures in the 80s that were expected.

If you're like me, all you can picture through this whole story is that scene from Caddyshack.

Hopefully, police can find who pooped in the Portsmouth public pool before they strike again.

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