A Missouri man has pleaded guilty to robbing a Bank of America branch by passing a handwritten note to the teller, "to prove a point" to his lover, he told officials.

30-year-old Michael Conley Loyd entered his plea to one count of bank robbery in a federal court on Friday, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Greene County Jail
Greene County Jail

According to local officials, "at approximately 11:30 a.m., an unknown white male, wearing a gray, cut-off t-shirt, with blue gym shorts, and an orange shoe on his right foot, enter the BOA, located at 633 West Kearney, Springfield, Missouri."

The report says Loyd walked up to the counter and presented a note to the teller on a piece of paper with a message written in pink marker that read “Give Your Money Now. Don’t Say Anything. I Have A Partner Outside.”

The teller took the note and grabbed money from one of the teller drawers at the teller station she was occupying. After handing the money and note over to Loyd, he left in his Dodge Ram pickup.


A phone call to the police ten minutes after the heist came from the boyfriend of Loyd's roommate, and he was located quickly at the Lazy Acres Mobile Home Park.

According to this snippet of the report, Loyd immediately confessed to the robbery.

During the interview of Loyd, Loyd admitted to robbing the BOA earlier in the day. Loyd told investigators that he robbed the bank because he and his lover . . . had gotten into a fight and he wanted to “prove a point”. Prior to robbing the BOA, Loyd wasn’t sure which bank he was going to rob but he drove by the BOA and decided to pull into the parking lot, driving [his roommate’s] black Dodge Ram. While in the parking lot, Loyd used a highlighter to write the demand note. The demand note was written on the back of Loyd’s birth certificate. Loyd recalled writing, “Be quiet until I leave and give me all the money”. Loyd robbed the BOA by himself and did not receive any input or help from anyone else.

Police said on top of the birth certificate being used as scrap paper for his robbery note, Loyd also was wearing an ankle monitor because of a previous event he'd found himself involved with.

Michael Conley Loyd is charged with federal bank robbery charges.

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