Luckily for us, most criminals are pretty dumb.

Everyday there's a story in the news about a botched bank robbery, drunk people doing stupid things, family members fighting,...and other stories, so bizarre, I can't even begin to make them up! Join myself, Shawn McKenna, 5:15pm weekdays, as we talk about all the crazy people in this world we live in!

Here's what we'll talk about on Friday...(Feb. 8th)

A 33-year-old restaurant manager in St. Louis named Jonathan Neukomm got carjacked on Monday. He was sitting in his car on his break Monday night, when the carjacker walked up with a gun and told him to get out. So he did. Then he tried to reason with the guy and told him it wasn't worth it. And the guy responded by trying to SHOOT him in the leg. But luckily his gun jammed. At that point, Jonathan decided to throw his keys on the ROOF of the restaurant, because he knew he could go up and get them later. Which was pretty clever. But unfortunately, he didn't throw them far enough (DOH!) They ended up on the ground next to the building, and the carjacker grabbed them. But while he was rushing over, he dropped his phone, and Jonathan grabbed it. Then they started negotiating. The would-be robber agreed to TRADE THE KEYS FOR THE PHONE, then ran off, police are still looking for him.

Besides the point, that I'm sure the police could have tracked him down using his cell phone...this just proves how insanely addicted and tied-down people are to their smart-phones! And, that's why the car-jacker is our "Tool of the Day"!

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