Every family has some sort of dysfunction within itself, but this family takes the cake for "Most Dysfunctional Family of the Modern Era."

Four family members - a father, mother, son and daughter - all ended up with a stab wound after a fight in their home located in Texas.


Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call around 10:50 pm on Sunday, July 24th about a family disturbance in a home around 16 miles north of downtown Houston.

A fight had started between the two siblings, a male and female, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said.

The brother came home late that night intoxicated and armed with a handgun, and he and the sister got into an argument that turned physical.

Gun in pants
Jason Stitt

During the struggle, Sheriff Gonzalez said, he was disarmed. Then, the mother and father stepped in to "break things up." The violence only escalated from there, when each family member armed themself with a knife as the fight continued.

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When deputies arrived at the home, all four members of the family had been stabbed. All members will live, Gonzalez said.

25-year-old Manuel Alfredo Gutierrez was arrested on three charges of aggravated assault.

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