As many of us are stuck at home our minds start to wandered, this has lead to a lot of conspiracy theories to take off, and getting bigger than ever before. From Alien sittings to Bigfoot pictures happening here in Iowa.

Credit: JT b100
Credit: JT b100

For the most part conspiracy theories are harmless, but lately a lot have been very out there, or a bit dangerous even. This one dates all the way back to the Cold War.

For years people have thought Russia had secret weather manipulation machines in space. Now people are claiming they are in full use, and used in Iowa. The Derecho storm hit months ago, and appeared to come out of nowhere. These conspiracy theorists claim to have an answer.

The claim is that Iowa was targeted and attacked by Russia's weather manipulation machine. Claiming that this will be the first of many attacks that are soon to come.

Some are even calming that it is going to be deadly. People like Andrei Areshev who said,

"At the moment, climate weapons may be reaching their target capacity and may be used to provoke droughts, erase crops, and induce various anomalous phenomena in certain countries."

It is a scary thought for sure, and many Iowans are starting to believe it. I personally think this is just people trying to find a reason for this awful storm. I don't think Russia attacked us with a weather machine, but who knows, it's 2020 at this point anything is possible.

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