Did you know that King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are not actually made in Hawaii? You probably don’t really care -- as long as they continue to be delicious -- but they are actually baked in in Torrance, California.

A man named Robert Galinsky certainly cares about this as he has filed a lawsuit against King’s Hawaiian Bakery because he says that he was duped into believing that they were actually baked and delivered from Hawaii. Seriously.

The packaging does say “Hilo, Hawaii” on it, which he states that it’s ‘false advertising.’

According to its website, King’s Hawaiian’s started in the 1950s, when Robert Taira first opened the business in Hilo Robert’s Bakery. From there, the company moved to Honolulu, where it was renamed ‘King’s Bakery.’ Eventually, the business moved to Torrance, CA, as ‘King’s Hawaiian Bakery,’ where it is presently located.

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