With so many people fighting for their lives every day due to COVID-19, cancer and other debilitating and deadly ailments needing all the help they can get, we probably all know someone who has dealt with it so we know what a struggle it can be. There's only one reason to "fake it", and here's one story of someone in Iowa who pretended to have cancer for their personal gain.

According to the Des Moines Register, her name is Jennifer Mikesell of Northwood. She is 44 years old and has been soliciting funds through GoFundMe, Meal Train, and Mason City-based My Happy Haven, which according to the Register "provides recuperation spaces in the homes of patients diagnosed with life-altering illnesses". She was caught and busted in December 2019 and pled guilty last November to a charge of "ongoing criminal conduct". My Happy Haven gave her a brand-new renovated bedroom despite not having any of the conditions of the patients to whom they provide this service.

She not only took money and resources from charities under false pretenses, Mikesell forged doctors' notes from medical professionals at Mayo Clinic, where she claimed to be receiving treatment. Mayo Clinic shows no record of ever having seen or treated Mikesell.

She'll have to reimburse the organizations for the assistance she illegitimately received, but will now be forced to seek a different type of help she actually needs. Mikesell pretended to have cancer and could have faced up to 25 years in prison, but will be forced to pay restitution and seek mental health treatment.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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