It's a shame that businesses get stolen from, especially when those businesses are trying to help people and do something good for the community.

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According to Iowa News Now, Bridge Under Bridge is a non-profit that has been serving hot dinners and boxed meals to folks in Cedar Rapids. Their trailer is located under the 8th Ave SW bridge and has served hundreds of people since the derecho in August of 2020.

Despite their admirable service to the community, the generator that powers their trailer keeps getting stolen. The owner of the non-profit Bridgette Williams Robinson said they noticed the most recent theft the morning of Friday, March 11. This was the THIRD time the generator was stolen despite having chains and locks on it.

Every time the generator has to be replaced it takes away from the help they can provide to the city. Bridge Under Bridge is currently serving up to 150 people per day, a number that they saw rise from around 85 per day. With inflation and the cost of goods, gas, etc. going up, more people seem to need the help.

They are currently looking for a solution so they can stay where they are.

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