We've heard a lot of different excuses from drivers on why they were travelling so fast, but this one may take the cake. Last Thursday, October 12th, an Iowa driver lead cops on a chase because.......wait for it.....it was on his bucket list. Wow!

Here's how it went down...the short version:

On Thursday morning, October 12th around 7:30 A.M., just outside of Des Moines, a state trooper attempted to pull over a sedan with expired tabs on Interstate 80. But the driver refused to pull over, leading police on a chase that ended when another trooper used a special maneuver to safely run the car off the road. When police asked the man why he attempted to outrun them, he told them it was on his bucket list. “In my 28 years, I’ve never heard that excuse,” Sergeant Scott Bright told WCCI-TV.

46 year old Frederick Ray Jones of Des Moines didn't stand a chance with that excuse. He was quickly hauled off to the Polk County Jail and has been charged with:

  • OWI
  • Eluding
  • Interference with official acts
  • Operation without registration
  • Unlawful use of license
  • Speeding
  • Parole violation

To add to Mr. Jones issues, he was driving a car that wasn't his and used a drivers license that was, you guessed it, not his.

This gives Mr. Jones the wonderful title of "Dumb Criminal of the Week".

(Source: KCCI)


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