The Evansdale City Council is expected to appoint a new mayor when the group meets again later this month.

Troy Beatty officially resigned the position Saturday, after announcing his intent to do so in a Dec. 11 email. Beatty was elected in Nov. 2019 to serve a two-year term, but stepped down after one year. He has accepted a job with Amazon Logistics in Atlanta.

The city council is expected to take action on filling the vacancy at the Jan. 26 meeting. Tuesday night, the city council voted 3-2 to move forward with appointing a new mayor and placing the item on the agenda for the next regular meeting.

After the agenda is published, residents have 14 days to petition for a special election. They also have 14 days to petition after the appointment. According to City Clerk DeAnne Kobliska, the petition would require 154 signatures to get the measure on the ballot.

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City of Evansdale

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