I don't care what city you live in. If you look at a real estate website and check for the least expensive home, you're likely to be terrified at what you find. That isn't the case for Evansdale, Iowa though. I have 8 pics of the least expensive home there and it's really kinda nice.

As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I really am impressed with the least expensive home I could find in Evansdale on Realtor. The physical address is 749 Fox Avenue. Let's look at this modest home and see what you think.

Least Expensive in Evansdale, Iowa

The listing mentions what's been done to the home recently:

Lots of updates include new high efficiency wall furnace, new flooring throughout, and most updated windows.

It looks like the home has been rented, but is now for sale for the current asking price of $58,900. It's hard to buy a new truck for that price these days.

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Is it small? Many would probably think so. Is it clean and updated? To my eyes, yes. I would argue that you could do a lot worse than a home like this. I'm certainly no real estate expert, but I would say that Evansdale should be proud that this is currently the least expensive home available on the market and it isn't bad at all.

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