What's the name of that Eric Clapton song...? OH YEAH, 'Chocolate Chip Cookies'. Right? It could have been. According to a new study out of Ohio State University, it turns out chocolate chip cookies are just about as addictive as cocaine and here's why:

1. Sugar is incredibly addictive, which you probably know already. Chocolate chip cookies are loaded with the stuff  with more than two teaspoons per cookie.

2. The fat in the cookies also gets you hooked.

3. The chocolate chips have a small amount of a compound that trigger your brain in the same spot that marijuana does, which makes you happy.

4. And finally, the nostalgia that comes from the taste and especially the smell of the cookies gives you another temporary shot of good feelings.

You guesses it, when those four things come together, it's kind of amazing that we're not all shoving chocolate chip cookies into our mouths riiiiiight now!

Oh and don't believe anyone who says chocolate chip cookies aren't a floodgate drug. Tomorrow, you'll be moving up to the hard stuff: cheesecake.