Iowans and Midwesterners in general love TWO things: Meet and cheese. Well, earlier this week I saw a video (below) claiming we've all been using can openers wrong our whole life.  If you hold it facing down, it cuts through the side of the can instead of the top, and the lid won't fall in.

Now there's another video that claims we've also been using cheese graters wrong. It's about a specific type of cheese grater called a box grater the kind with four sides and a handle on top, so all the cheese falls out the bottom.

I'm really not totally sold on the idea this is how they're really intended to be used. But we've seen people online who've tried it, and they claim it does make the process a little easier.

Here's what to do: Instead of holding it so the cheese falls down through the bottom, try turning it on its side and grating the cheese that way. Instead of an up-and-down motion, you can go back-and-forth. Which they claim is easier and saves time. Hm, who has run out of time in any situation due to heavy cheese grating?1

If you do it that way, all the cheese still stays inside the grater, and you can dump it out into a bowl when you're done. The video on how to properly do it has racked up about 3 million hits on Twitter.


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