If you live in Iowa and think Mother Nature is going to let us off easy on the snow this year..... let's just say I wished I lived in your dream world. I learned after my first winter in Iowa last year that Mother Nature really likes making us Iowans suffer in the cold and snow ( I mean I did end up getting stranded during a snow storm for 3 days in some random small town).

Speaking from experience, one of the worst things that can happen when it snows is getting stuck/stranded somewhere in it in your car. As I said before, it happened to me and I was thankful to meet some nice people to help me out at the time. I was also happy I had some snow survival gear in my car for just this issue.

If you aren't prepared for this winter with some snow survival gear in your car, I suggest checking this list out below so that you can prepare before it gets too bad. Always better to be safe than sorry!

Car Snow Survival Tips:

  • Always keep basic items such as snacks, water, hots, gloves, scarfs, blankets and even an emergency aid kit in your car. You never know when you will get stuck somewhere or how long it will take to get help.
  • Other small things you may want to keep are cellphone chargers, emergency contact card, road map (really helpful if you are like me and suck with directions) and some extra cash. These should be in your car all year long.
  • Specific items to keep in your car during the winter would be snow removal tools such as a shovel and scraper, rock salt or sand, windshield fluid and towels to dry off the car from snow.

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