An ‘Eleanor’ from “Gone in 60 Seconds” Is for Sale
Eleanor, one of the 1967 Mustang's featured in the 2000 movie "Gone in 60 Seconds," is for sale. Only around a dozen "Eleanor" cars were built for the filming of the Nicolas Cage movie.
Three of them were used as 'hero' cars, (used by the main actor and featured in most of the pro…
Florida Man Straps Utility Pole to Roof of Car (Photos)
A 71-year-old Florida man is facing a charge of Grand Theft after he loaded a utility pole onto the roof of his 1997 Toyota Camry and drove it to a recycling facility.
When Douglas Allen Hatley arrived at the recycling center, he was turned away because he didn’t have proper documenta…
Pumpkin Bourbon Scented Air Freshener for Your Car
If you're in the need to have your vehicle smell like a pumpkin partied with some whiskey, here ya go!
Sold through drift, the scent will last up to 30 days and costs just $8.
According to its description via drift;
sweet pumpkin with hints of allspice and a pour of classic barrel aged b…

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