National Junk food day is on July 21st and yes, for all intents and purposes it is a real holiday. So much so, that I have even found a map about what each state's favorite snack is and since most snacks are junk food this is perfect.

When you think of America's favorite snacks you probably think of cookies, chips and candy right? Well you are right that those top the list on the new map from Zippia, a career seeking site. Zippia used Google Trends data to find out what each state's favorite snack. Unsurprisingly sweet snacks took the the top spot over salty snacks and only one state was really healthy when it came to picking their favorite, Alaska chose granola bars (really?).

So, what was Iowa's favorite snack you ask? Well according to the map we love Pringles! Apparently we are nuts for those chips in a can. Now while I do love myself a good Pringle, I am not sure this is necessarily our favorite snack. Now if Busch Light could be considered a snack, I think we all know what would have won in our state.

Do you agree with this? Let us know in the comments below and check out all the other states favorite snacks here.

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