If you didn't know, the Super Bowl is coming up this weekend! The best part of this is not the game but all the snacks involved! Honestly, I do not like football but am such a foodie that I would go to a Super Bowl party just to have at the snacks involved! Well, as long as they are the good snacks.

To help out with what to have at your party for people to show up, here are the Top 10 snacks from worst to best to have or not at your party.

10. Sub Sandwiches

9. Candy

8. Nachos

7. Chicken Wings

6. Pizza

5. Ribs

4. Cookies

3. Pretzels

2. Potato Chips

1. Chili

There you go, now you know what foods to have to make people come to your party and what to put out to get them to leave! To see what made the Top 15 list for more ideas, check it out here.

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