What's your favorite food to snack on?

Last Wednesday, July 21st was National Junk Food Day. Normally, this isn't a holiday we would miss, but we were so busy preparing for the Great Jones County Fair that we totally forgot! The good news is that we celebrated all weekend long without even realizing it. SO. MUCH. FAIR. FOOD.

In honor of last week's holiday, the website Zippia decided to figure out the most popular snacks in all 50 states. Think... something you could grab out of a vending machine or at a gas station. The article says, "using Google Trends, we determined which states were the most avid fans of each snack. We examined 45 different favorite snacks, given us a wide range of beloved foods."

According to this data, sweet snacks just narrowly beat out salty snacks for the top spot, which is a little disappointing to me. I'll take chips over candy any day of the week! It looks like the majority of Iowa agrees with me, because our number one snack is Pringles. Not my favorite chip, but hey, at least we didn't get granola bars like Alaska. By the way, did you know that Pringles sells a dill pickle flavor?! I passed them at Hy-Vee the other day and I was tempted to try them.

What about our Midwest neighbors? What were their favorite snacks? Not Pringles (except for Indiana, but they're not technically our neighbor). Here are the winners for surrounding states:

  • Wisconsin - Twix
  • Illinois - Skinny Pop
  • Minnesota - Snickers
  • South Dakota - Milky Way
  • Nebraska - Fritos
  • Missouri - Grandma's Cookies

If I'm looking for a snack in our office vending machine, it's typically Cheez-Its. I LOVE the Cheddar Jack ones, but I'm not picky. I'll take any flavor they've got! What's your favorite snack? Let us know in the comments below!

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