For a few years now the old Yonkers storefront has been a sad reminder to anyone passing by that the days of the bigger malls are no loner en vogue in all cities and towns. The mighty anchor store's days seem to have passed. Think of all the Cedar Valley mega chains that are gone now - from Dillard's and JC Penny to Sears and the aforementioned Yonkers. Oh, and of course there's Gordmans's which just shut its doors forever last month. But in a few short months, the old (and now demolished) Yonkers site will have a new tenant.

Ashley Furniture.

This isn't actually new information, it was confirmed way back in March 2019 and was written-up in a Courier story at that time. That report confirmed the construction of a 15,000-square-foot addition, seen in the photo on this article; and to anyone cruising by. But, March 2019 seems like in was light years ago. Heck, March 2020 feels like it was eons ago. So, in case you forgot, or thought Ashley had abandoned plans to inhabit the space, this is a friendly reminder that it's still business as usual for some. And, in 2020, that's NOT a bad thing.

I couldn't find a confirmed date for the store to open, or even begin hiring, but since (to quote Game of Thrones) winter is coming, it likely won't be for several months yet/ In the meantime, I have a lovely couch from Ashley Furniture in my house that the cats haven't been kind to... I'll be excited to see what they offer when they open. I think the cats will be excited, too.

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