Officials are investigating an early morning fire that damaged a Waterloo home on Wednesday (Dec. 26, 2018).

Firefighters were called out to battle the blaze at 3810 Paige Dr. around 1 AM. Officials said the blaze started near an outdoor nativity scene and spread to the home, but they haven't determined the exact cause.

In a press release, Waterloo Fire Rescue officials confirmed that everyone inside the house escaped safely. The home had working smoke detectors, but they did not warn the occupants of the fire. Officials said one of the residents was in an office inside the home and discovered the fire outside after hearing a noise.

According to Waterloo Fire Rescue, the blaze damaged one side of the home and spread to an attic space before being extinguished. Officials said the fire left the home with extensive roof damage. Cost of the damage was estimated at around $70,000.