A fire that damaged their longtime home was just the beginning. Then came his cancer diagnosis, and now, because this couple in Afton, Iowa has had to take their time fixing the house, for obvious reasons, they are in a battle with the city, who now calls the home a "nuisance".

The fire at the home of the Beamann family took place on June 8, 2021. The couple then had to deal with a miscarriage, a sick mother, and again, a cancer diagnosis. Needless to say, this all set back their well-intended plans to repair and rebuild the home they indeed planned to stay in. Kelly Stull, the mother of Melanie Beaman said:

The cancer diagnosis, that was just — I think that was where the bottom fell out. It was gut-wrenching. Why is this happening

There is no doubt the house is in bad shape, still not inhabitable over a year later, as the family also tries to deal with its many health issues that have gotten in the way. They say the city is not cutting them much of a break, citing them for several nuisances including overgrown vegetation, accumulation of junk, maintaining junk vehicles and keeping a dangerous vehicle.

The City recognizes that this is a difficult situation for the Beamans. Even in difficult situations, the City has an obligation to look out for the best interests of the community as a whole, and has taken the steps it believes are necessary to protect those interests and the safety of the community

One of those steps may be to eventually tear the home down, and unfortunately, the family seems resigned to that, as their hope to be finished getting the home back to compliance by December 2022 is not likely.

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