With the winter storms hitting Iowa, most of us are being aware of the weather and trying to stay warm and safe. While making sure we all don't die of frostbite by wearing extra layers and trying to stay out of the cold, sometimes there is no way to avoid going out in the freezing cold (it has to do with a concept called work? never heard of it).

Although you may have 10 layers on and have thought of how to keep your bodies safe in the winter storm, what about your car? It is just as important to check the safety of your car before heading out on the dangerous roads. Here are a few tips to help you be safe while driving during these cold, snowy days.

1. Before you hit the road, check under the hood. The cold can really mess with your battery and if you see snow or blue stuff growing off of it, you want to get your battery checked.

2. Are your windshields frosty on the inside? If you don't have time to wait in the defroster to kick in, you can take a credit card from your wallet and wipe the frost right off rather than giving your fingers frostbite!

3. Is your key lock frozen? Instead of banging at the ice with a hammer, which will likely cause more damage, grab some sanitizer and put it on the key and it will slide right into the lock.

4. Your car stuck and can't gain traction? Well, use your floor mat! Put it underneath the wheel of the car and it will give you enough traction to get your car out and hit the road! ... But don't forget to go back and grab the mat as you may need again later!

For more tips of winter safety, check out the full ABC article.

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