In the market for a new home and you'd like to move overseas and don't mind ghosts, then I have the home for you!

LOFTUS HALL --- Ireland’s most haunted mansion --- is currently for sale for the extremely low price of just $2.87 million. It comes with 63 acres of land, 22 bedrooms, and...uh...ghosts.

This 'home' was built to replace a castle in 1350 during the time of the Black Death, so...yeah.

According to the mansion's website:

It is for many years said to have been visited by the Devil, so many people from the surrounding area are nervous to enter the place after dark.

The good news is that by that statement, it doesn't mean that the Devil LIVES in the mansion, but only has visited. Read more about the Devil's apparent visit, HERE.

According to the Irish Examiner, it costs approximately $294,000/year to operate the business and house. (Daily tours, 'after dark' livestreams, etc)

Interested? No realtor will be involved in the sale. If you want this home, you'll to have speak directly to the current owner, according to Mansion Global. That doesn't sound scary at all.

More photos can be found on the mansion's Instagram account.

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