The COVID-19 crisis has caused gas prices to drop to the lowest they've been in years. Ironically, due to social distancing and just about everything being closed, now we've got no where to go! However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't follow these safe driving tips from the Iowa State Patrol.

The "300 Initiative" is in reference to the ISP's goal of aiming for under 300 traffic fatalities in our state this year. The Iowa State Patrol is encouraging you to "SIDE" with them for better safety on the roadways.

Courtesy - Iowa State Patrol
Courtesy - Iowa State Patrol

Here's what the "SIDE' acronym stands for:

The 6% of Iowa drivers and passengers who go un-buckled account for 44% of Iowa’s vehicle fatalities. Seatbelt usage saves lives!

Impaired Driving
Crashes on Iowa roadways involving drugged or alcohol impaired drivers are on the rise.

Distracted Driving
Vehicle lane departure or the vehicle leaving the roadway are contributing factors in 56% of serious injury crashes in Iowa.

Excessive Speed
Traveling in excess of the posted speed limit and traveling too fast for roadway conditions is the #1 leading cause of vehicle crashes in Iowa.

Drive carefully because troopers will be vigorously enforcing Iowa’s seatbelt law and watching closely for impaired drivers. Plus, they will utilize un-marked vehicles to enhance
distracted driving enforcement efforts. Along with, aggressively enforcing Iowa’s speed limit laws.

Someday (hopefully sooner than later), this national COVID-19 nightmare will be behind us. Then maybe we can "turn over a new leaf" and start driving safer. Lastly, it's time to "jump on my soapbox", and beg you to "SIDE" with the ISP...put on your seatbelt, don't drink and drive, put down your cell phone and slow down!

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